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In changing environment, a necessity for prompt action, targeted planning and monitoring of performance become crucial. 

We are supporting You and Your organization with individual solutions, from idea towards implementation:

- Identify a need for a change
- Develop an optimal change management plan, to support a project to deliver a change.
- Identify resources
- Select an optimal change management model with supporting process, that can apply to your organization or personal growth
- Identify quality parameters and matching performance measurement metrics and develop implementation plans for their implementation
- Monitoring implementation
- Review and reporting of results

Few examples of our daily practice :

- Post-Due Diligence- Business integration in Pharma (medical affairs) /Biotech-environment
- Production-scale enhancement in Pharma/Biotech environment
- Patient management in a hospital environment
- Case management in a hospital and health insurance environment
- Performance of a Health Care Professional, Error-management
- Time-to-Diagnose- / Time-to-Treatment as a quality factor – time & cost efficiency
- Business development, building-up business areas / structures / teams


Modern Pharma is now facing a new multi-stakeholder, digitalised and patient-centered environment. Challenges how to protect data in digital environment, or how to measure the success of your patient-centric programs and how to engage with your patients in a multi-channel environment become crucial to learn how to manage.

We are supporting you in a providing Analysis, Strategy & Guidance for process changes and implementation solutions

- Pre- and post-launch medical platform development
- Publication plans and medical congress strategies
- Post-merge Due Diligence solutions
- Study Design (Phase IV and IIS) and operational implementation
- Medical monitoring
- SOP-and Compliance manuals development and scientific exchange principles
- Preparation for certification, medical content development and ongoing tracking
- QM - Plan of action (POA) and metrics, Key Performance Indicators


- Due Diligence and post-merge activities
- Area development in medical Affairs
- Matrix structure development, implementation and team building
- Agenting activities (Investor-search, Distributor-search, market-research)


Case Management has got established in Healthcare & Insurance environment, as a multidisciplinary process, targeting optimization of medical treatment and reintegration of a patient in own social & working environment. It is a systematic quality-based procedure for case and system control and serves to increase efficiency and optimize costs in the treatment and the evaluation of the therapy process. It is based on objectives agreed with the patient; monitoring and documenting each change and assessing it against the agreed target. The Case Management manages the services and therapeutic interventions and coordinates the tasks of the individual internal treatment teams (diagnostic, medical therapy, psycho-/socio- mental therapy, rehabilitation, medical service) and external patient`s environment (work reintegration, family).

In a healthcare environment, the focus is on the empowerment and general enhancement of the patient's quality of life. In an industry, the focus is on shortening absences and optimizing time-to-back-to-work and time-to-full-performance (reduce number of Lost-Workday-Cases / LWC and improve company`s DART - and OSHA incident rate). In a health insurance environment, the focus is on long-term cost-effectiveness.

We are offering following support:

For healthcare:

- Establishing new and assessing existing quality standards for tumor boards and cancer centers
- Establishing metrics for evaluation of required competencies and their implementation
- Establishing decision pathways in diagnostic and treatment, targeting lowering time-to-diagnose and increasing patient`s quality of life
- Assessing cost-effectiveness and outcome-quality of life relation
- Optimization of toxicity management
- Patient information
- Error management
- Establishing continuous education strategies for staff and their implementation

For Health- / accident- insurances and companies :

- Establishing quality standards and respective metrics for cost-effective patient tratment management
- Developing and implementing corrective programs for optimizing absences, time-to-back@work and time-to-performance

Who is needing case management ?:

1. A company, having an interest to shorten health-related absence of an employee (and indirect cost-reduction). Task is a Case management of a process and care management of an employee, involving company-internal structures (HR- / environmental & health- departments, line management of an employee, medical services), and the treatment team from the healthcare provider. Data protection and protection of patient data secrecy guaranteed. This concept creates a win-win-situation, ensuring more efficient treatment and better prognosis for the patient and cost reduction for the employer.
2. An insurance, having an interest of cost-optimization. Task is a Case management of a process and care management of a patient, involving the treatment team from the healthcare provider and the guidance for the employer (in terms of return-to-work reintegration steps). This concept creates a win-win-situation, ensuring more efficient treatment and better prognosis for the patient and cost reduction for the employer.
3. An insurance, having an interest in treatment optimization and over-treatment-control (indirect cost reduction). Task is a Case management of internal processes, targeting better control over therapy concepts and goal-targeted procedures. Indirectly such control detects healthcare-provider-internal errors (complications, malpractice, unjustified procedures) and can support related improvements.
4. A hospital / healthcare provider, having an interest in shortening time-to-diagnose and time-to-treatment, with direct benefit in optimizing patient`s prognosis and indirect benefits in optimizing costs and time of the treatment.
If you are a patient, please visit our Patient Advocacy Chapter


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